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Chapter Fourteen. Automation > Scripts & Scripting

Scripts & Scripting

Q1:What can I do with the scripts that are built into Photoshop CS2?

A1: The scripts found in Photoshop CS2 (File> Scripts) include a series of options designed to work with layers and layer comps (if you don't have any layer comps in your document, nothing will happen when you run those scripts). The three Layer Comp scripts will convert layer comps into separate files, a PDF slide show, or a Web Photo Gallery. The Export Layers To Files command will create separate documents from a multilayered file. If you select this command, a dialog will appear requiring you to choose a Destination and assign a File Name Prefix. You can also select a File Type for each document. Once you click Run, Photoshop will take all the layers in your document and create new documents out of each layer.
Q2:How do I use the Image Processor script?
A2: Image Processor is a form of batch processor that will work with a series of images to save in a different file type (JPEG, PSD, TIFF), run an action, or add copyright information. It's very simple to use—just choose the script and choose the options you want.
Q3:What can I do with scripting?
A3: Scripting is different from other forms of automation because it includes the ability to work outside of Photoshop. Actions, batch processing, and droplets are all internal Photoshop functions. Scripting can work with other applications or your operating system. For example, you could create a script that runs a Photoshop action on a series of images, upload the results to your website, and then shut down your computer.
Q4:How does scripting work?
A4: Scripting takes advantage of AppleScript on the Macintosh (OLE Automation in Windows on JavaScript) to automate functions that actions cannot.
Q5:How do I learn more about scripting?
A5: The Photoshop CS2 CD comes with some sample scripts and guides on how scripting works. Also check the scripting forum on Adobe's website: http://www.adobe.com/support/forums/main.html. Look for the Adobe Photoshop Scripting forum. You can also learn more about AppleScript from the Apple website, and OLE Automation from Microsoft's sites.



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