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Q1:How do I create a contact sheet from a folder? What is the correct way to get a contact sheet from Photoshop?
A1: The simplest way is to use an automated feature called Contact Sheet II. You can find it under File>Automate (or in Adobe Bridge go to Tools>Photoshop). There are a number of options that determine how this works, including how many thumbnails you want on a page and whether you want captions. You can either generate a contact sheet from a folder or selected files in Bridge.
Q2:Is it possible to print multiple copies of the same image on one page?
A2: Photoshop has an automated feature called Picture Package that will do that for you. You can find it under File>Automate (or in Bridge go to Tools>Photoshop). In the resulting dialog choose from pre-defined layouts.
Q3:Is it possible to create a series of Picture Packages? I have a bunch of images and I'd like to make a Picture Package of each image. Is there a quicker way than opening each one at a time?
A3: By default the Picture Package command uses your current image as its source, but you can change the source to a folder. Put the images you want to use into a folder, go to File>Automate>Picture Package, choose Folder in the Use pop-up menu, click the Browse button to navigate to that folder to select it as the Picture Package source, and then determine a layout. Picture Package will automatically create a package from each image in the folder.
Q4:What is Web Photo Gallery?
A4: Web Photo Gallery (WPG) lets you take a series of images in a folder (or files selected in Bridge) and turn them into a website complete with a thumbnail index, Previous, Next, and Home buttons, and the ability to customize the look. To create your own Web Photo Gallery, go to File>Automate (or in Bridge go to Tools>Photoshop).
Q5:Is it possible to customize the look of the webpages in Web Photo Gallery?
A5: It is certainly possible but a little tricky. First, you must use a Web layout tool to edit the pieces that make up the WPG layout, making sure that you don't change any of the file names and structure of the layout. Perhaps the best idea is to start with an existing layout and duplicate the entire folder before editing the pages. Open the page(s) in your Web layout tool, and then add your logo and your information, being very careful not to change anything else in the layout of the page or the naming of the files. Once you've made changes to the page(s), save and close the layout you're adapting. Then go to File>Automate>Web Photo Gallery and choose your new layout (no preview will appear for any edited layout). End result: a Web Photo Gallery with your logo.
Q6:In Photoshop 7, I used a Web Photo Gallery layout called Vertical Frame. Is it possible to transfer that layout to Photoshop CS2?
A6: It's quite simple to transfer any Web Photo Gallery layout from 7 to CS2. Here's where you'll find the layouts: Photoshop 7>Presets>Web Contact Sheet. (In Photoshop 7, the preset was called Web Contact Sheet even though the automated command was called Web Photo Gallery.) Then you'll need to drag-and-drop any layout you want from that Photoshop 7 folder into this location: Photoshop CS2>Presets>Web Photo Gallery. Note: When you choose an “older” WPG layout in CS2, you may get a warning that says “Some of the options may not apply to this style.” Chances are this refers to things like metadata, which wasn't accessible in Photoshop 7 WPG layouts.
Q7:How do I change the order of images in a PDF Presentation?
A7: You have two choices: Change the order of the images in Bridge before choosing PDF Presentation, or change the order in the PDF Presentation dialog. In Bridge, click-and-drag images into the order you want them to appear. Of course you can also select only certain images to include in your slide show. Then from the Tools menu, choose PDF Presentation. If you've already launched PDF Presentation and then decide the order needs to be changed, just click-and-drag the images in the PDF Presentation dialog to change the order. If need be, you can also add additional images using the Browse button, or click the Remove button to delete selected images.



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