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Lesson 3. Working with Layers > Drawing Rounded Rectangles

Drawing Rounded Rectangles

You can change the corner roundness amount of a rectangle in the Property inspector. In these steps, you will add another element to the logo: a stick (like an ice cream stick) for the candy. The stick is just a rectangle with rounded corners.

From the basic_colors.png file, select the second box from the left.

Use the Pointer tool to select the box. The box is labeled with a number 2. When you select the box, the fill color boxes on the Tools panel and the Property inspector change to reflect the color of the selected object.

Return to your home_page.png file and select the Logo layer. Use the Rectangle tool to draw a vertical rectangle on the left side of the page.

The rectangle is placed on the selected Logo layer. Fireworks remembers the last color you applied to an object. The colors from the box you selected in step 1 are used for the fill of the rectangle.


After you draw the rectangle, you can always move it to a new location. You also have the option of moving the object as you draw. Hold down the Spacebar as you drag. Now you can move the rectangle to a new location before you release the mouse button. When you release the Spacebar, the rectangle locks in place, and you can continue to resize it. You can use the Spacebar move operation with any of the rectangle, ellipse, or bitmap marquee tools.

Drag the Rectangle Roundness slider in the Property inspector to 90.

You can also type the value you want in the text box. Press Enter (PC) or Return (Mac) to enter the value for the rectangle.

Select the Pointer tool and drag the stick over the candy in the logo. Resize the rectangle to make it proportional to the candy.

You can change the size of the stick by dragging one of the handles with the Pointer tool.

Save your file.



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