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Creating a Template

In this exercise, you will create a new page, using the top portion of the home page you’ve been creating. You want to use this top portion for other pages of your site, so you will save that new page as a template that you can use for the other pages as well. Then you will mask an image for use on that page.

Open the home_page.png file you’ve been working on in the previous lessons.

If you missed the step in Lesson 6 where you add slices to all the graphic elements you need to add them now. Also, make sure that all your slices have names. You will build all the remaining pages based on this file. If you are unsure about your slices, you can use the home_page_L10.png file in the Start folder within the Lesson 10 folder.

Choose File > Save As and rename the file template.png, and save it in the Projects folder. Delete all of the objects and their slices on the page except for the top red rectangle, the candy logo and stick, and the buttons.


Make sure you show the slices and delete the slices for the objects you removed on the page.

Remember that you added 12 frames and placed images on those frames. You need to delete the product images on frames 2 and 3. Then you can delete frames 4 through 13. The first three frames contain the rollover images for your buttons, so you can leave those in the document.

Hold down Shift as you select each frame you want to delete and then click the trash can button at the bottom right of the Frames panel.

You can also select frame 4 and then hold down Shift and select the last frame. With all of the frames selected, you can then click the trash can button and delete all of the frames at once.


You could also use the Options menu on the Frames panel to delete the frames, but clicking the trash can button is quicker.

Save your template file, then choose File > Save As and name this new file about.png and save this file in the Projects folder.

You will use the template file for other pages of your site. You will now work with the about.png file, adding a mask and some text. Make sure you select frame 1 for the remaining exercises in this lesson.



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