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Optimizing in Fireworks

While working in Dreamweaver, you may need to optimize a graphic you have placed on the page. You may have inherited a page from a co-worker with the image too large or not properly optimized.

Open the music.htm file in Dreamweaver and select the image of the guitar and CD.

The guitar and CD graphic is a large JPEG image that you defined in Lesson 10.

Click Optimize in Fireworks in the Property inspector.


You can also Right-click (PC) or Control-click (Mac) the image and select Optimize in Fireworks from the context menu.

Fireworks opens, but in a special mode. In the Optimize Images dialog box, you can change the file format for images, the image quality for JPEG images, and the palette for GIF images. You’ll see the image in the preview window as you change your settings.


The Optimize Images dialog box is the same as the Image Preview dialog box in Fireworks. The difference is that in Dreamweaver you update the image, and in Fireworks you export the image.

Move the Quality slider to decrease the JPEG quality slightly, until you see a change in the file size, and then click Update.

Your image is re-exported with the new settings, and the image is updated within your page.

Normally, you should edit the source PNG file and then re-export your images. If you have received a page from a co-worker, however, you may not have the original source file. This exercise demonstrates the process of optimizing an image when you don’t have the original source image.

Save and close this file.



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