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Lesson 7. Creating Slices and Hotspots > Adding a Slice - Pg. 158

Creating Slices and Hotspots 158 Slicing also is a way to add some interactivity to the page. The slices on your buttons were added automatically for you when you used the Button Editor. You could have added the rollovers manually --though why would you want to when they are so easy to create in the Button Editor? However, there are other interactive elements such as disjointed rollovers and pop-up menus that you can add. You will create disjointed rollovers in this lesson and add pop-up menus in Lesson 10. Adding a Slice You can add a slice to the page in several ways. You can use the Slice tool and draw the slice, or you can select an object and have Fireworks create the slice for you based on the size and place- ment of the selected object. 1. Open your home_page.png file from Projects folder if it is not already open. You can use the home_page_L7.png in the Start folder within the Lesson07 folder if you no longer have your file. Use Save As and remove the L7 from the name, and then save the new file in the Projects folder. Select the white square on the Specials layer. The image of the girl is on top of the square. Make sure that you select the square, not the girl. Choose Edit > Insert > Rectangular Slice. A slice is created on the object. If you want the slice to be the same size as the object, this is the quickest method. Select the Slice tool on the Tools panel and then draw a rectangle over the text block on the left of the canvas. 2. 3. 4.