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Lesson 6. Creating Buttons > Importing Your Buttons

Importing Your Buttons

In the next steps, you are going to add your buttons to the home page you created in the earlier lessons. Then you are going to cut out a piece of the red header rectangle and place the buttons under the cutout.

Open the home_page.png file from the Projects folder.

You can use the file home_page_L6.png in the Lesson06 Start folder if you can’t find the file you created. If you use this file, choose File > Save As, rename the file home_page.png, and then save it in the Projects folder.


In Windows, you can right-click the document tab (if the document window is maximized) and select Save As from the context menu. You can also open a document or create a new document from the context menu.

Create a new layer and name it Buttons.

The Buttons layer needs to be above the Header layer—its position doesn’t matter for the other layers.

Choose File > Import and locate the buttons.png file you just created. Click Open. Click the red rectangle to place your buttons.

The buttons are placed on the page. Move them so that the bottom edges of the buttons sit on the bottom right edge of the red rectangle.

Draw a rectangle on top of the buttons.

Set the roundness of the rectangle between 80 and 90. Position the rectangle so that the top edge of the rectangle is at the top edges of the buttons, and the sides of the rectangle overlap the left side of the first button and the right side of the last button.


Change the fill of the rectangle to None so you can see the buttons as you position the rectangle.

Select the rounded rectangle and the red rectangle.

Be careful not to select any of the buttons when you complete this step.


Use the Layers panel to quickly select objects. Hold Ctrl (PC) or Command (Mac) to select multiple items in the panel.

Choose Modify > Combine Paths > Punch.

You now have a portion of the header removed. Your buttons are on top and now need to be moved underneath the Header layer.

Drag the Button layer below the Header layer.

Your task is complete. Aren’t layers great!

Select the red rectangle and add a drop shadow. Save your file.

Your home page is almost complete. In the next lesson, you will add some user interactivity to display the monthly special for your Web site.



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