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Lesson 6. Creating Buttons > Adding a New Button

Adding a New Button

The Button Editor added your button to the library as a symbol named Button. Symbols are objects or groups of objects that you use when you want to control multiple copies of objects. Copies of the symbol are referred to as instances. In this case, you want several buttons to look the same, only with different text.

Choose Window > Library to view your button in the library.

The Library panel is docked within the Assets panel group. You could also click the disclosure triangle in the Assets panel group and then click the Library tab.

In the library, in the Preview pane, you see the button you just created, and you see the button name (Button in this example) in the Library list. For this exercise, you will have only the one button, but there may be times when you have multiple buttons that you want to name.

Double-click the name in the list. In the Symbol Properties dialog box, type a descriptive name and then click OK.

Drag the button name from the Library list to the page.

A copy of the button (an instance) is placed on the page. Move the copy of the button to the right of the first button.


You can drag either the button name or the button image from the Preview pane to place a copy on the page.

Drag two more copies of the button to the page, moving each one to the right of the last button.

You now have four buttons, all with the same name. You’ll change the names in step 6. Don’t worry about the placement of the buttons. You will align them in the next step.

Select all of the buttons. Choose Window > Align and then click the Align Top Edge icon on the panel to align all of the buttons along their top edges. Then click Space Evenly Horizontally on the Align panel to space the buttons equally from one another.

Make sure that the To Canvas button in the Align panel is not selected; otherwise, your buttons will align to the top of the canvas rather than aligning to their top edges.

If Snap to Guides is on, your buttons snap in place when you drag them on the page. If so, this step to align the buttons is not necessary.


If you want your buttons to touch on the sides, you’ll need to manually move then together. You can use the arrow keys to nudge your buttons.

Select the second button. In the Property inspector, change the text label to Facts & Recipes and then press Enter (PC) or Return (Mac).

The text on the second button is changed without affecting the text on the first button.

Repeat step 6 for the two remaining buttons, changing the text to Request a Catalog and About Us, respectively. Save your file and then check your buttons in the Preview window.

When the pointer is over a button, it changes color. When you click a button, it changes to the Down state. When you click another button, the first button returns to its normal state.



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