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Lesson 1. Bitmap Editing > Moving a Selection

Moving a Selection

After you make a selection, you may want to move it to another portion of the image. For example, in the selection you just made, if you want to include more of the girl’s head, you can just move the selection instead of deselecting and then re-creating the selection.

Create a selection with any of the selection tools.

You can use the oval selection of the girl with the candy you created in the preceding exercise.


If you want to change the shape of your selection, you might find it easier to deselect the selection and start over. Choose Select > Deselect and make the selection again.

Move the pointer within the selection.

The pointer appears as a triangle with a small rectangle below it.


Make sure you release any modifier keys you were pressing to make the selection. In addition, don’t switch to the Pointer tool to move your selection. The Pointer tool moves the image and the selection, not just the selection.

Drag when you see the pointer to move the selection.

Dragging with the triangle pointer moves just the selection outline, not the pixels within the selection.

Once you have the selection where you want it, you need to reverse your selection, so you can delete the background.


You can also use the arrow keys to move a selection one pixel at a time. Hold down Shift and press an arrow key to move the selection ten pixels at a time.

Choose Select > Select Inverse.

This selects all of the pixels that are not in the selection.

Press Delete.

The background is deleted, and you see a soft-feathered edge around the girl and the candy.

Click the red circle with the white X at the bottom of the document window.

This exits bitmap mode and releases the selection. You could have also chosen Select > Deselect to just release the selection but not exit bitmap mode.

Create a new document with a size of 165 by 165 pixels and a canvas color of white. Choose Window > Tile Vertical or Window > Tile Horizontal.

Your open documents are displayed side by side, making it easy to drag an object from one document to the next.

Select the Pointer tool and then drag the modified girl image to this new document. Save the file as start.png in the Projects folder.

If the girl image appears too large for the new document, use the Scale tool to reduce the image to fit within the canvas size.

Close the girl_with_candy.png file without saving your changes.



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