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Lesson 1. Bitmap Editing > Changing the Image Size

Changing the Image Size

With the gift package complete, you now need to include the image of the candy you modified earlier. The candy image is too large to fit within the 165-by-165-pixel canvas size of the package, so you’ll resize the image before combining it with the package.

Open the pecan_cluster.png file you created earlier in this lesson.

If there is a lot of white area around the candy, use the Crop tool to remove some of it. For this exercise, you just want the candy.


Choose File > Open Recent and choose the file from the list of recently opened files.

Select the image with the Pointer tool.

The blue border appears around the image. If you need to, decrease the view magnification so you can see all of the canvas and part of the gray surrounding document window. Look in the Property inspector. You’ll see the width and the height of the image. As stated before, you could change the image size by typing new values in the Width and Height text boxes. The problem there is that to keep the image proportional, you’d need to calculate the correct values to enter. Let’s let Fireworks do the math.

Click outside the image to deselect it.

You can click the gray portion of the document window to deselect the image. The Property inspector changes to display the document properties.

Click Image Size in the Property inspector.

The Image Size dialog box opens. The size of the image is displayed in pixels and inches. Confirm that Constrain Proportions and Resample Image are selected.

Selecting Constrain Proportions maintains the same ratio between the document’s width and height. When you select Resample Image, Fireworks adds or removes pixels in the image to approximate the image at the different size.

Type 150 in the Width text box in the Pixel Dimensions section.

When you enter a value in one area, the other value is calculated to ensure that the image size remains proportional. This happens because Constrain Proportions is selected.

Click OK.

The image is resized.

Choose Window > Tile Vertical.

You now see the two open documents side-by-side.

With the Pointer tool, drag the candy on top of the package in the other file.

You may need to use the Scale tool to make the candy smaller so it looks proportional to the package. You can close the pecan_cluster.png file.



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