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Lesson 1. Bitmap Editing > Creating a New Document

Creating a New Document

When you begin a new document, you need to set the canvas size and color and the image resolution.

Choose File > New to create a new empty document.

The New Document dialog box opens.

Set the canvas size, using pixels, inches, or centimeters. For this exercise, enter 165 Pixels for the width and 165 Pixels for the height.

You can alter the canvas size later by choosing Modify > Canvas > Canvas Size or by using the Crop tool to crop the document or by choosing Modify > Canvas > Trim Canvas to trim the empty edges of the canvas.

Define the resolution as either pixels per inch or pixels per centimeter. Choose a white canvas, a transparent canvas, or a custom color canvas. Then click OK.

Web graphics are saved at 72 pixels per inch by default. The resolution of the entire document can be changed by choosing Modify > Canvas > Image Size.

The canvas color is the background color of your document. (See “Changing the Canvas Color,” earlier in this lesson, for more information.) For this exercise, use white as the background color.


The color you choose as the canvas color is also the color of the background page when you export to HTML. If your canvas color is set to Transparent, then the transparent background will export as a white background.

Save your file in the Projects folder and name it december.png.

In Windows, the .png extension is added automatically to your filename. On the Macintosh, select Add Filename Extension in the Save dialog box to add the .png extension if it is not already selected. Once selected, this option becomes the default for all subsequent files you save. Although not needed for Macintosh computers, it is always a good idea to add the proper extension for your files, especially if you share files with Windows users.

Choose Edit > Paste.

The gift package you copied from the last exercise is pasted into this new document. You can close the gift.png file. You don’t need to save any changes.


The document window displays an asterisk when you make a change to the document to remind you to save your file.



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