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Lesson 1. Bitmap Editing > Adding And Subtracting Selections

Adding And Subtracting Selections

Holding down Shift while you are selecting an area adds to the selection. Holding down Alt (PC) or Option (Mac) subtracts from the selection. You’ll use these techniques to add the ribbon to your selection of the package.

Select the Lasso tool. Hold down Shift and move the lasso pointer within your selection.

A plus sign appears with the lasso pointer.


If you don’t see the plus sign on the pointer and you click, your previous selection is deselected. Holding down Shift ensures that you are adding to the selection, not starting a new one.

Drag the Lasso tool around the ribbon you want to include in the selection. Continue to drag around the ribbon until you return to your first selection and then move the pointer within the selection. When you are back within the selection, release the mouse button and the Shift key.

The new selection is added to the previous selection.

Don’t worry if your line doesn’t exactly match the edge of the ribbon or if you get a wavy line. Drawing with the mouse is equivalent to drawing with a brick in your hand, and it does take some practice to draw smooth outlines. In the next steps, you’ll clean up the edges of the selection you make.

Hold down Alt (PC) or Option (Mac).

A minus sign appears with the lasso pointer. If you see areas of the selection that are outside the image, you need to delete those areas. If you see areas that you need to add to your selection, hold down the Shift key and drag around the area as you did in the previous step.

Drag the Lasso tool around the area you want to delete from the selection and then release the mouse button.

The area is deleted from the selection. Continue using this technique in all the areas that are outside the edge of the package.

Continue to add and delete areas of the selection until you have the package completely selected.

Choose Edit > Copy.

In the next exercise, you’ll paste this copy of the package into a new document. Later in this lesson, you will create a new image by combining this package and the pecan candy that you modified earlier.



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