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Creating a CD

The next object to create is a CD for your music page. It will help to look at a CD as you complete this exercise. Rotate the CD slightly and look at the surface as it catches the light. The shimmery surface is the look you are trying to re-create in this exercise. To create the CD, you will draw several concentric circles. You will use the technique you learned in Lesson 2 to draw objects from the center out using guides.

Create a new document 400 by 400 pixels with a white canvas. Save the document as cd.png in the Projects folder. Choose View > Rulers and drag guides from the top and left rulers. Place the guides in the center of the canvas.

You will use the guides to help you draw several circles aligned to their centers.

Click the Default Colors button on the Tools panel and then draw a circle using the guides as the center point of the circle.

The first circle is the CD, so don’t draw it too small. Look in the Property inspector as you draw the circle; you want the circle about 250 pixels in diameter.

Draw two more circles within this first circle.

If you are looking at a CD, one of these circles will be where the surface of the CD ends, and the other will be the center hole of the CD. Draw the middle circle first (about 100 pixels in diameter) and then the smaller circle (about 30 pixels in diameter).

Select all three circles and then choose Modify > Combine Paths > Punch.

The last object that you drew (the smaller center hole in this example) cuts (or punches) through the other two circles. If you placed a solid-colored object underneath these circles, you would see the color through the hole.


You can also use the Doughnut Auto Shape tool instead of drawing the inner two circles and then using the Punch command. Holding down Alt (PC) or Option (Mac) does not draw the doughnut shape from the center, but you’ll see a center diamond control point that you can use to center the shape on the intersection of the guides.

Select the middle circle and change its fill color to a light gray.



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