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Lesson 4. Adding Text > Checking Your Spelling

Checking Your Spelling

There are plenty of ways to make your Web site look unprofessional, but misspelling words doesn’t need to be part of the list. There is nothing unique about the spell checker in Fireworks—it works just like spell checkers in word processors or other applications you’ve used. When Fireworks locates a word not in its dictionary, it presents you with a list of suggested words for you to choose from, or you can save the word to your user dictionary.

Choose Text > Spelling Setup.

In the Spelling Setup dialog box, you can pick the dictionary to use for the spell check. There are also several options for words to ignore during the spell check.

Choose the Dictionaries you want to use from the Dictionary list and select or deselect from the list of options to use during the spell check.

If you don’t choose a dictionary, an alert message appears when you check spelling in your document.

Click Edit Personal Dictionary.

Here, you can type any special words that might be flagged during a spell check. Press Enter (PC) or Return (Mac) after each word you enter.


The spelling dictionaries are stored in a location that is common to both Fireworks and Dreamweaver. When you add a word to your personal dictionary in Fireworks, it is available for you to use in Dreamweaver.

For example, if your company name or product name is not in the dictionary, you can add it here. The next time you perform a spell check, any word you’ve added to the dictionary is considered correct and thus is ignored.

Click OK to exit the Personal Dictionary dialog box and then click OK to exit the Spelling Setup dialog box. Choose Text > Check Spelling and then click OK when the spelling check is complete.

If the spell checker finds a misspelled word, it flags the word and suggests an alternative. You can choose that word, pick from a list of other suggestions, or type the corrected spelling in the Change To text box. You can also choose to ignore the word or to add the word to your personal dictionary.


If you have a text block selected when you choose the Check Spelling command, Fireworks checks all the words in that text box and then asks whether you want to continue checking the remainder of the document. If no text box is selected, then the entire document is checked.

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