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Lesson 4. Adding Text > Using the Subselection Tool

Using the Subselection Tool

How long did you draw the line? Let’s say you want the line to be as long as the month text block. To get it right, you could delete the line you just drew and draw it again. However, you can also modify the length of the existing line. When you select the line (or any vector object) with the Pointer tool, you see the anchor points on the path. (A path is two or more connected points; the line you just drew has two connected points.) You can move the line with the Pointer tool, but you can’t select the points. To select the points, you need to use the Subselection tool.

Choose the Subselection tool on the Tools panel.

The Subselection tool is for selecting objects within a group or selecting points on a path.


Instead of switching from the Pointer tool to the Subselection tool, you can hold down Alt (PC) or Option (Mac) to select a point on a path or to select an object in a group.

Click one of the points on the line.

The selected point is solid; the other point is hollow.

Drag the solid point to modify the line.

As you drag the point, you can change not only the length of the line, but you can also change the angle of the line. For this line, you want to change just the length. Hold down Shift as you drag the point to keep the line straight. You can also use the arrow keys to move the point instead of dragging it with the Pointer tool.


You could also change the length of the line by changing its Height value in the Property inspector. To make the line the same height as the text block, select the month text block and look at its height in the Property inspector; then change the line height to the same number.

To give your line more interest, experiment with different types of strokes. For example, choose Fur from the Random stroke category and change the tip size to 3 pixels. Change the stroke color to a dark gray.

Save your file.

You will use this file in a later lesson, but you can close it for now.

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