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Chapter 7. Creating Books > Changes in creating books

Changes in creating books

  • iPhoto 5 offers a hardcover book type in one size (11" x 8.5") and softcover books in three sizes: Large (11" x 8.5"), Medium (8" x 6"), and Small (3.5" x 2.625").

  • Books now use double-sided pages, although hardcover book pages can be single-sided (for use with existing books).

  • Books are now parallel to albums and saved slideshows in the Source pane; you can add and remove photos from them just like normal albums (Figure 7.1).

    Figure 7.1. Although you can use an album to create a book, as I've done here, once created, books are independent entities similar to albums and saved slideshows.

  • Books were always associated with albums before, and rearranging photos in an album changed their order in the book. In iPhoto 5, you can create a book from an album, but after creation, the order of photos in the book is independent of the album you used to create it.

  • Previously, iPhoto put all the selected photos in the book, and you had to work left to right in arranging them to avoid confusion. A new unplaced photo list at the top of the display pane in book mode holds photos that you haven't yet placed on a page; you can move photos to and from that scrolling list as you design your book (Figure 7.2).

    Figure 7.2. Add photos to the book from the unplaced photo list; photos you remove from a book page spring back to the unplaced photo list as well.

✓ Tip

  • I still recommend starting from an album that contains your desired photos in approximately the order you want. Such a beginning makes automatic book layout feasible, and manual book layout easier.



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