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Chapter 4. Editing Photos > To use the Adjust panel

To use the Adjust panel

Click the Adjust button, or -click the image and choose Adjust from the contextual menu.

iPhoto opens the translucent Adjust panel (Figure 4.29).

Figure 4.29. Use the sliders in the Adjust panel to modify the brightness and contrast, color levels, exposure, and more.

Drag the various sliders until the photo looks the way you want (see the following pages in this chapter for details).

✓ Tips

  • Click the icons at either end of a slider to nudge the slider in one-point increments.

  • Pressing to toggle between the “before” and “after” views shows you the view before you started working with the Adjust panel, not in between the use of each individual slider, so it doesn't help discern the effect of a given slider.

  • It's difficult to center a slider, so if you decide you don't like the effect of one, use Undo immediately rather than trying to reset it to the middle manually.

  • Click Reset Sliders to reset all the sliders to the middle.

  • Click the X button in the upper left of the Adjust panel to close it, but note that there's no need to do so unless you want to avoid the screen clutter.

Adjust Tools Require G4 or G5

If you see only the Brightness and Contrast sliders when you open the Adjust panel, it's because you're using a PowerPC G3-based Mac. iPhoto works on such Macs, but most of the tools in the Adjust panel requires the CPU horsepower of the PowerPC G4 and PowerPC G5. There's no workaround, short of using an external editor like Adobe Photoshop Elements.

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