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Chapter 1. Getting Started > Tips when updating to iPhoto 5

Tips when updating to iPhoto 5

  • Run Software Update and download iPhoto 5.0.1 before updating, since 5.0.1 includes fixes for updating older libraries.

  • Make sure to back up your iPhoto Library folder (located in your Pictures folder) before installing iPhoto 5. Then, if something bad happens, or if you need to revert to your earlier version for some reason I can't imagine, you won't lose all your photos. I'm sure you have a backup anyway, but another one can't hurt. If you were to need it, you can still download iPhoto 2.0 from http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?artnum=120188.

  • If you have installed third-party export plug-ins (see the “Export Plug-ins” sidebar on “Exporting to Web Pages” in Chapter 5, “Showing Photos Onscreen”), it's best to remove them before updating. To find them, -click iPhoto's icon in the Finder, choose Show Package Contents, and navigate to the PlugIns folder. Drag any third-party plug-ins to the Desktop.

  • For a clean installation, choose Find from the File menu and search for files whose name contains “iphoto”. Move the com.apple.iPhoto.plist file, the iPhoto Cache folder, and the iPhoto application to the Trash, but leave your iPhoto Library folder alone. Then install iPhoto 5.

  • If you have trouble immediately after updating, delete the files mentioned in the previous tip, then reinstall iPhoto 5.

Changes from iPhoto 4 to iPhoto 5

iPhoto 5 came out at the very beginning of 2005; a year after iPhoto 4 and two years after iPhoto 2 (see the pattern?). iPhoto 5 offers a number of welcome enhancements that are covered throughout this book. Here are my favorite new features:

  • Hierarchical folders for organizing your albums.

  • New book sizes and themes with double-sided printing. The interface for creating books is also improved.

  • Highly customizable saved slideshows that can incorporate the slick Ken Burns Effect.

  • Advanced editing tools that enable you to adjust color saturation, temperature, and tint; sharpness; image straightness; exposure; and more.

  • Support for importing movie files and photos in RAW format.

  • A calendar pane that helps you find photos by date easily.

  • An iTunes-like search field for quick searches.

  • A new interface for keywords that's far more usable than Apple's previous attempts.



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