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Chapter 6. Printing Photos > To set up an Apple ID

To set up an Apple ID

Make sure you're connected to the Internet, and click the Order Prints button to display the Order Prints window.

Click the Set Up Account button.iPhoto displays the Set Up Account dialog (Figure 6.14).

Figure 6.14. To create a new Apple ID, click the Set Up Account button in the Order Prints window to bring up the Set Up Account dialog. Then click the Create Account button.

Click the Create Account button.

iPhoto displays the first of three dialogs that collect the data necessary to create an account (Figure 6.15). The first asks for your email address and password, the second collects billing information, and the third garners shipping information.

Figure 6.15. Enter your sign-in information, billing details, and shipping address in the dialogs that appear.

Enter the necessary information, clicking the Step button to move through the process until you're done.

Apple sends an email confirmation at the end of the process.

✓ Tips

  • Remember that your Apple ID is always your email address.

  • Choose a password that can't be easily guessed. Otherwise miscreants could go in, change your shipping settings, order prints or books with your credit card, and switch back without you realizing.

  • If you have trouble with your Apple ID, visit http://myinfo.apple.com/ and confirm or re-enter your settings. You can also set up an Apple ID at this site if necessary.



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