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Chapter 5. Showing Photos Onscreen > To publish photos using HomePage

To publish photos using HomePage

Select an album or the individual photos you wish to publish.

Being sure that you're connected to the Internet, click the HomePage button or choose HomePage from the Share menu.

iPhoto opens the Publish HomePage window, displaying a rough preview of how your page will appear (Figure 5.33).

Figure 5.33. Preview your photos in the Publish HomePage window and click Publish when you're ready to upload them.

Enter or edit titles for the page and the individual photos (iPhoto picks up album and photo titles automatically).

Pick a theme from the selection at the right to change the font and frame style.

Select the desired .Mac account from the Publish To pop-up menu.

Select how many columns you want to display and if you want a counter or a “Send Me a Message” button to show.

Click the Publish button.

iPhoto uploads your pictures to your iDisk, and, when it's done, shows a dialog that tells you the URL for your page and offers to let you edit the page or display it.

✓ Tips

  • The photos appear in the same order as those in the album or your selection, but you can drag them to new locations within the Publish HomePage window.

  • iPhoto compresses and resizes images to 800 x 600 to reduce upload time. To avoid this, you can upload photos to your iDisk and create albums manually in HomePage online at www.mac.com.



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