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Chapter 9. Troubleshooting > Apple Has Trouble Processing Your Book or Photos

Apple Has Trouble Processing Your Book or Photos

There are several problems that can prevent Apple from printing photos you've uploaded, the two most common of which are damaged files and files that contain a question mark in the filename.You should receive email telling you about the problem, but a few common issues include:

  • If a photo has a ? in the filename, it won't print. Export the photo, change the filename, reimport, and delete the original.

  • Damaged photos may not print. To identify damaged photos, connect to Apple's Web site at www.apple.com/internetservices/yourorderstatus/, where you can look for missing or partial thumbnails for the order in question. Once you've identified the damaged files, try exporting them, opening them in another application, saving a copy of each, and reimporting the copies to eliminate the corruption.

  • If you order a print of an image that indicates it may be subject to another person's copyright, Apple puts your order on hold pending verification that you have the right to make a copy of the photo. You must complete and submit an iPhoto Print Consent form; Apple will tell you how to do this when you're contacted.

  • Using certain Type 1 PostScript fonts can cause your book order to be cancelled. For more information, see http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?artnum=300964.

  • If over half of the page numbers in a book are hidden by photos, Apple may cancel your order. It's easiest to deselect the Show Page Numbers checkbox in the Settings dialog before placing the order, although you could also change the theme or page design to one in which photos don't cover the page numbers.

  • If you receive email from Apple saying your order can't be processed, you can wait for Apple to contact you with details, or you can try to figure out what went wrong, cancel the order, and then resubmit it. Apple gives you up to 90 minutes to cancel the order yourself; do this by logging in with your Apple ID to www.apple.com/internetservices/yourorderstatus/and clicking the Cancel Order link.



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