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Chapter 9. Troubleshooting > Damaged Photos Warning Appears During Import

Damaged Photos Warning Appears During Import

Sometimes when you import photos, you may see an error dialog complaining about unreadable photos. It can occur for a variety of reasons:

  • You're accidentally importing non-graphic files, such as aliases to photos, HTML documents, or other data files.

  • The image files may actually be damaged. See if you can open them in Preview or GraphicConverter. If so, you may be able to convert them to another format and eliminate the corruption.

  • If your files are in an unsupported format, try using GraphicConverter to convert the images to JPEG. Similarly, if RAW images from your camera aren't supported by iPhoto, see if your camera manufacturer makes a utility that will convert them to a supported format.

  • Sometimes the problem may relate to a communications failure between your camera or card reader and your Mac. Try plugging the camera or card reader directly into one of the Mac's USB ports rather than into the keyboard's USB port or a port on a USB hub.

  • iPhoto can display the damaged photo error message if your hard disk is full. Since iPhoto duplicates every photo when importing from files, if you're importing hundreds of megabytes of photos from files, it's by no means unthinkable that you could run out of disk space. Clear some space and try importing again.

  • Photos taken with Apple's QuickTake 100 and QuickTake 150 digital cameras must be converted from the special format Apple used into the JPEG format. Contact me if you want a copy of the AppleScript script I used.



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