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Chapter 9. Troubleshooting > Nothing Appears After Import

Nothing Appears After Import

If nothing appears in iPhoto after you import files from your hard drive, try these solutions:

  • If the files you imported were located in the iPhoto Library folder, iPhoto assumes they've already been imported and won't do so again. To solve the problem, move the files out of the iPhoto Library folder and try again.

  • Instead of using the Add to Library command in the File menu, drag the images (or a folder containing them) onto iPhoto's display pane. This technique works better on occasion.

  • Like all Mac OS X applications, iPhoto is sensitive to proper permissions. So, if you've moved your iPhoto Library folder and are trying to import from another user, verify in the Get Info window for the iPhoto Library folder and all enclosed folders that the appropriate user has Read & Write permissions.

  • The photos might be duplicates, which iPhoto imports only if you tell it to do so. See Chapter 2, “Importing and Managing Photos.”

  • I've seen reports of iPhoto losing the last import. Check the iPhoto Library folder to see if the files were actually written to disk (remember that it's a chronological directory structure) and never set iPhoto to erase your camera after import.

  • If you have erased your camera and need to recover the original photos, check out the $29 PhotoRescue (a free version will tell you if it's going to work). Learn more at www.datarescue.com/photorescue/. Also try the $39.95 ImageRecall from www.imagerecall.com.



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