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Chapter 1. Getting Started > To run iPhoto, you need

To run iPhoto, you need

  • A Macintosh with built-in USB ports. A sufficiently souped-up older Mac with a PCI card providing USB ports might work, but Apple isn't guaranteeing it. iPhoto should work on any Mac that runs Mac OS X, but Apple recommends one with at least a 400 MHz PowerPC G3 processor and at least 256 MB of RAM (though 512 MB of RAM is better). Realistically, the more CPU power and RAM you can throw at iPhoto, the better its performance. You'll also find a large monitor extremely helpful.

  • Mac OS X. Specifically, Mac OS X 10.3.4 or later, with Mac OS X 10.3.8 and QuickTime 6.5.2 (which is included with iLife '05) both recommended.

  • A source of digital images, which could be an iPhoto-compatible digital camera, scanned images, Photo CDs, or a service that provides digital images along with traditional film developing. Apple maintains a list of cameras and card readers that are supposedly compatible with iPhoto at www.apple.com/macosx/upgrade/cameras.html. Take that list with a grain of salt; some devices on it may not work entirely, and some devices missing from the list work fine with iPhoto.

✓ Tips

  • iPhoto's advanced editing tools (found in the Adjust palette) require a PowerPC G4- or PowerPC G5-based Mac; they won't work on a PowerPC G3-based Mac.

  • To be able to use iDVD for creating and burning slideshows to DVD, you need at least a 733 MHz PowerPC G4-based Mac, and to install iDVD (and GarageBand) you need a DVD drive. Burning DVDs directly from iDVD requires an Apple SuperDrive, although you can save your DVD project as a disk image and then burn that using a third-party DVD drive.

  • iPhoto can import photos in RAW format, which is an uncompressed image file format used by some high-end cameras. However, there are multiple flavors of RAW, and iPhoto does not support all of them. Visit www.apple.com/ilife/iphoto/import.html for a list of compatible cameras.

  • Importing photos in RAW format requires Mac OS X 10.3.6 or later.



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