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Chapter 4. Editing Photos > Ways to duplicate photos

Ways to duplicate photos

  • In any mode, select photos and from the Photos menu, choose Duplicate ().

  • -click a photo and choose Duplicate from the contextual menu.

    iPhoto switches to import mode, duplicates the photo, appends “copy” to the title of the duplicate, and switches back to organize mode (Figure 4.10).

    Figure 4.10. Notice how the duplicated photo appears next to its original and how it has “copy” appended to its title.

About Copies

iPhoto is consistent about where it places duplicates; they are always “newer” than the originals, so they sort to the left of the originals if “Place Most Recent Photos at the Top” is selected in iPhoto's Appearance preferences, or to the right otherwise (assuming you're sorting by film roll or date in the Library, of course).

iPhoto is also consistent about appending “copy” to the title of duplicate photos, making them easy to select by searching for the word “copy” in the Search field (See “Searching with the Search Field” in Chapter 3, “Organizing Photos”).

For the record, iPhoto duplicates the actual file in the same Finder folder as its original, though with a slightly modified name. See “iPhoto Directory Structure” in Chapter 1, “Importing and Managing Photos.”

✓ Tips

  • The duplicate image shows up next to the original in the Library, and iPhoto does not create a new film roll.

  • The Last Roll album does not show the duplicated photo.

  • If an album, book, or saved slideshow is selected when you duplicate a photo, the duplicate is added to that album too. However the photo won't be duplicated in any other sources that contain it.

  • There's no need to duplicate photos to open multiple copies in separate editing windows any more; you can do that without a duplicate now.

  • iPhoto duplicates everything about the original, including keywords and ratings.

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