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Chapter 5. Showing Photos Onscreen > To customize slides

To customize slides

Select the first slide in the scrolling list above the display pane.

Choose an effect to apply to the photo from the Effect pop-up menu. See “Editing Slide Photos,” later in this chapter, for more information.

To override the default transition, choose a different transition from the Transition pop-up menu.

To override the default slide duration, click the Adjust button, and click the up or down triangle buttons to increase or decrease the slide direction. You can also override the default transition type, direction, and speed here (Figure 5.9).

Figure 5.9. Use the Adjust This Slide windows controls to override default settings for slide duration and transition type, direction, and speed.

If you're using the Ken Burns Effect, use the Start/End switch along with the size slider to control the effect. See “Setting Slide Motion,” later in this chapter.

To see how your changes look, click the Preview button to preview the current and next slides in the display pane.

Select the next photo by pressing (the right arrow key), clicking the right arrow button, or clicking the photo in the scrolling list. Then repeat steps 2–7 until you've customized each slide as desired.

✓ Tip

  • You can access all the slideshow tools by -clicking anywhere in the display pane and choosing the desired command from the contextual menu (Figure 5.10).

    Figure 5.10. Control-click anywhere in the display pane to access a contextual menu that provides commands to all the slideshow tools.



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