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Chapter 2. Importing and Managing Photos > Reasons to create multiple iPhoto Li...

Reasons to create multiple iPhoto Library folders

  • You might want to keep two different types of photos completely separate, such as personal snapshots and location shots for your real estate business.

  • You might want different iPhoto Library folders for different purposes. For instance, I have a special iPhoto Library folder that holds just a few images that I use when giving presentations.

  • You might want an iPhoto Library for miscellaneous photos sent to you by other people that you don't want cluttering your main collection.

Using iPhoto Library Manager

You can do a number of things in Brian Webster's free iPhoto Library Manager (Figure 2.20, opposite). Read its online help for more details.

  • To create a new iPhoto Library folder, click New Library and name the new iPhoto Library folder.

  • To add an existing iPhoto Library folder, either drag it into iPhoto Library Manager or click Add Library and locate it in the Open dialog.

  • To remove an iPhoto Library folder from the list, click Remove Library. This does not delete the iPhoto Library folder.

  • To make iPhoto use a specific iPhoto Library folder, select the checkbox next to a folder and click the Launch iPhoto (or Relaunch iPhoto, if it's already running) button.

  • Use the permissions pop-up menus to allow another user access to a shared iPhoto Library folder that's stored in a location both users can see, like the Shared folder in the Users folder. The checkboxes for applying permissions at launch and quit are also essential.

  • To quit iPhoto from within iPhoto Library Manager, click Quit iPhoto.

Figure 2.20. Use iPhoto Library Manager to switch among multiple iPhoto Library folders.



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