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Chapter 7. Creating Books > To check spelling in a window

To check spelling in a window

To open the Spelling palette, -click a text box and from the Spelling menu, choose Spelling.


Click a text box, and from the Edit menu's Spelling menu, choose Spelling ().

iPhoto opens the Spelling palette and if there are any misspelled words, selects the first one (Figure 7.25).

Figure 7.25. Use the controls in the Spelling palette to replace misspelled words, ignore them for this session, or add them to your user dictionary so they won't be flagged as misspelled ever again.

To replace the misspelled word with one of iPhoto's guesses, double-click the guess, or click the guess and then click the Correct button. You can also edit the misspelled word or type a new one in the Spelling palette before clicking Correct.

To ignore the misspelled word for only this launch of iPhoto, click Ignore.

To add the word to your system-wide Mac OSX dictionary, click Learn.

The Best Strategy for Checking Spelling

iPhoto's implementation of Mac OSX's spelling tools improved in iPhoto 5, but it's still primitive. Since you can check only one text box at a time, and iPhoto won't move from one to the next, the easiest approach to checking an entire book is to click in a text box, use the keyboard shortcut for Check Spelling (), and then use the contextual menu to correct or learn the word.

The main time you might wish to use the Spelling palette is if the text in iPhoto is too small to read easily, even after zooming in with the size slider.



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