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Chapter 12. Wide Receiver: Creating Pano... > Advanced Blending in Photomerge - Pg. 362

The Photoshop CS2 Book for Digital Photographers Advanced Blending in Photomerge If you shoot everything perfectly (you used a tripod, you didn't shoot from an extreme angle, you were careful when panning the camera to the next segment so it didn't move up or down, etc.), then your pano will come together pretty easily, with little interaction from you. Ah, but if life were only that simple. Sometimes you're going to have a little camera movement, a little deviation in exposure, or some other problem that's not going to let Photomerge blend the edges of your photos perfectly. That's why we need to know about Advanced Blending. Step One: In the Adobe Bridge, select the pho- tos you shot for your panorama by Command-clicking (PC: Control-clicking) on them. Now, go under the Bridge's Tools menu, under Photoshop, and