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Chapter 12. Wide Receiver: Creating Pano... > Advanced Blending in Photomerge - Pg. 363

The Photoshop CS2 Book for Digital Photographers Step Three: On the right side of the Photomerge dialog, in the Composition Settings sec- tion, turn on the checkbox for Advanced Blending. When you turn this on, noth- ing happens onscreen until you click on the Preview button that appears just below the Advanced Blending checkbox. Step Four: Now Photomerge will re-blend the edges, and display the results in this Preview Mode. Notice that the blend between photos is much smoother, even though the top edges are a bit frayed between each image, but you can pretty much ignore that because you're going to crop away those "stairsteps" soon--so just be concerned with the difference in tone between the four images, which is mini- mal now (at least, compared to what it was in Step 2). By the way, while you're in Preview Mode, you can only view the pano--not make any changes to it. You have to click Exit Preview to be able to make changes. Step Five: When you click OK, Photomerge creates the panorama for you in a separate document. You can still see the "stairstepped" areas along the top and bottom, so in the next step you'll need to crop that away. Continued Creating Panoramas Chapter 12 363