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Chapter 12. Wide Receiver: Creating Pano... > Manually Stitching Panoramas Togethe... - Pg. 353

The Photoshop CS2 Book for Digital Photographers Step Nine: Go to the Layers palette and change your blend mode back to Normal (that is, if you set it to Difference, otherwise just raise the Opacity to 100%) to see how your stitch looks. The two images should look like one (that is, if you shot them using a tripod and didn't bump the camera along the way). TIP: If you see a hard edge along the left-hand side of the top layer, press E to switch to the Eraser tool; choose a 200-pixel, soft-edged brush by clicking on the Brush thumbnail in the Options Bar; and lightly erase over the edge. Since the photos overlap, as you erase the edge, the top photo should blend seamlessly