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Chapter 12. Wide Receiver: Creating Pano... > Manually Stitching Panoramas Togethe... - Pg. 351

The Photoshop CS2 Book for Digital Photographers Step Three: Click OK and about 10" of white canvas space is added to the right of your photo (if it doesn't look like the capture shown here, press Command-Z [PC: Control-Z] to undo, then go back and check your Anchor grid setting to make sure you clicked on the left-center grid square). Step Four: Now, open the second segment of your pano. Notice that part of the taxi on the far right of the first segment also appears on the left side of the second segment. That's absolutely necessary because now we have common objects that appear in both photos, and we can use the taxi as a target to align our panos. ©SCOTT KELBY Step Five: Press the letter V to get the Move tool from the Toolbox, and click-and-drag your second segment into the first segment's document window. Drag the second segment over until it over- laps the first segment a bit. If needed, zoom in so you can see the two seg- ments overlapping. Continued Creating Panoramas Chapter 12 351