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I N T R O D U C T I O N (continued) Me: This is the third edition of this book. Can you tell us what's different in this Photoshop CS2 version? Me: Actually, this third edition is the biggest update of this book so far. In fact, it felt like I was writing a whole new book from the ground up, partly because Adobe added so many new features for digital photographers in CS2, and I had to cover them all. I thought CS added a lot for photographers, but CS2 goes way beyond that, so I felt I had to, too! Also, I've been taking a lot more time to shoot since I wrote the last book (I shot most of the photos used in this edition), and I've learned a lot more about Photoshop since the last edition too (which was published back in 2003). Me: So what have you added, besides the new CS2 stuff? Me: I included an entire chapter on Camera Raw (where the previous version just had about six pages on it). I think Camera Raw has become that important, and that powerful--so much so that it now needs its own chapter. Also, I set out to do something that I hadn't really seen anyone do in any Photoshop book yet, and that's really to demystify color management by letting you know exactly how to set it up, with everything shown step-by-step from beginning to end, so you can get what you see onscreen to match the print that comes out of your color inkjet. I devoted an entire chapter to it, and I'm really excited about how it turned out. I also included an entire chapter on creating panoramas, plus I took one of my most popular sessions from the Photoshop World Conference & Expo (my "How to Show Your Work Like a Pro" session) and turned it into a chapter in the book. Also, my "Photographic Special Effects" chapter is updated with the latest cutting-edge effects that I see some of the top pros using in their work, and I break everything down step-by-step. The whole book is riddled with new little tricks, new features, new tips, and some cool new techniques I've learned since the last book. Me: So whom did you write this book for? Me: It's aimed at professional and high-end prosumer photographers who either have gone digital or are just moving to digital. Since this book is for people who are already photographers, there's no discussions about f-stops, lenses, or how to frame a photo, and it starts at the moment your photo leaves the camera and comes into Photoshop. If you don't already know how to shoot, this book just isn't for you. (Note: There is nothing publishers hate more than when an author lists who the book "isn't" for. They want it to be for everybody, from soccer moms to National Geographic staff photographers, but sadly, this book just isn't for everybody--it's for people who are already serious about photography.) Me: Is the book in a specific order? Me: I put it in the order in which many pros actually manage the processing of their digital images. For example, a typical work- flow might start with sorting the photos directly from your memory card, so I start with the Adobe Bridge (it's replacing the old File Browser of Photoshop 7 and CS). Then, I go right into Camera Raw, for people who are shooting in RAW. If they're not, then they'll jump to resizing and cropping, because that's generally what they'll do next. Then, before they do any color correction or dealing with image problems, we set up a real color management scheme. Then it's on to retouching, adding special effects, and then much later, on to sharpening (since pros apply the sharpening near the end of the whole process), then finally how to show your final work to your client. It's all pretty much following a typical workflow. Me: So do the readers have to follow along in that order? Me: Absolutely not--the book is designed so you can jump in anywhere. Although the chapters are in a workflow order, every- thing is spelled out in every chapter, so you can turn to the technique you want to learn and start right there--you'll be able to follow along, no sweat. Unless, of course, you're a goober, in which case, you missed all of this. xiv The Photoshop CS2 Book for Digital Photographers