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Chapter 6. The Color of Money: Color Cor... > Correcting Flesh Tones for Photos Go... - Pg. 170

The Photoshop CS2 Book for Digital Photographers Correcting Flesh Tones for Photos Going on Press Step One: When it comes to getting proper flesh tones on press, you're going to be con- cerned mainly with the relationship between the magenta and the yellow in the flesh-tone areas. Your goal will be If the photos you're correcting are destined for a printing press, rather than just a color printer (i.e., they'll appear in a brochure, print ad, catalog, flyer, etc.), you have to compensate for how the inks react with one another on a printing press. Without compensating, you can almost guarantee that all the people in your photos will look slightly sunburned. Here's a technique that lets you cor- rect flesh tone "by the numbers" to get perfect skin tones every time.