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Chapter 6. The Color of Money: Color Cor... > Removing Color Casts with One Click - Pg. 182

The Photoshop CS2 Book for Digital Photographers Removing Color Casts with One Click This is kind of a weird trick, because the tool we're going to use was designed to match the overall tone of one photo to another photo (so if you shot one photo at dusk, and one just after lunch, you could have the afternoon shot match the warm tones of the sunset shot, or vice versa). However, in this case, we're only going to use one photo (so we're not matching it to anything), but we're going to use it to remove our color cast anyway. I know. It's weird. But it works. Step One: Start by opening a photo that has a strong color cast. In the example shown here, the motorcycle was shot through a store window at night, on a tripod, with no flash, so the color cast is created