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Chapter 6. The Color of Money: Color Cor... > Dave’s Amazing Trick for Finding a N... - Pg. 169

The Photoshop CS2 Book for Digital Photographers Step Three: Choose Threshold from the Create New Adjustment Layer pop-up menu at the bottom of the Layers palette. When the dialog appears, drag the slider all the way to the left (your photo will turn completely white). Now, slowly drag the slider back to the right, and the first areas that appear in black are the neutral midtones. Click OK. Then press Shift-I until you get the Color Sampler tool (it's nested with the Eyedropper tool in the Toolbox) and click on one (or more) areas of neutral midtones (in the exam- ple shown here, the neutral midtones are on the far left and between the spokes of the back wheel of the motorcycle).