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Chapter 6. The Color of Money: Color Cor... > Taz’s Target Two-Click Color Correct... - Pg. 167

The Photoshop CS2 Book for Digital Photographers Step Three: Now double-click on the gray Eye- dropper (for midtones), and in the resulting Color Picker, enter 135 for Red (R), 135 for Green (G), 135 for Blue (B), and click OK. Then, click OK in the Levels dialog, and when a warning dialog appears asking if you want to save the target colors, click Yes. Step Four: Press Z to get the Zoom tool and zoom in tight on Taz's target card within your photo. Next, bring up Levels again and click on the white Eyedropper tool to select it. Then, in your photo click directly on the white color chip on the left of the card. This removes the color cast in the highlight areas of your photo. Step Five: Now, click on the gray Eyedropper tool (for midtones) to select it, and then in your photo, click directly on the gray color chip in the center of the card. This removes the color cast in the midtone areas of your photo. Just these two clicks will pretty much correct most of the common color-correction situations you'll run into. Now press Command-0 (zero) (PC: Control-0) to fit your image onscreen and admire your corrected image. Color Correction Secrets Chapter 6 167