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Chapter 6. The Color of Money: Color Cor... > Color Correcting Digital Camera Imag... - Pg. 160

The Photoshop CS2 Book for Digital Photographers CMYK correction settings: The values I gave you at the beginning of this correction technique were for pho- tos that would be reproduced in RGB mode (i.e., your final output would be to a photo-quality color inkjet printer, a color laser printer, a dye-sub printer, etc.). However, if you're color correct- ing your photos for final output to a printing press (for a brochure, catalog, print ad, magazine, etc.), you need to use an entirely different set of values for your highlights, midtones, and shadows. Therefore, these numbers are entered into the CMYK fields, rather than the RGB fields. I've provided a set of values that are very common for prepress cor- rection, because they enable significant CMYK Shadows: For C, enter 75 For M, enter 63 For Y, enter For K, enter 62 90