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Chapter 9. Take Me Away: Removing Unwanted Objects - Pg. 239

Chapter 9 Removing Unwanted Objects Take Me Away Is "Take Me Away" a perfect title for a chapter about removing unwanted objects from your photos or what? I've heard the song (by Christina Vidal from Disney's Freaky Friday soundtrack) a couple of thousand times now, because my 8-year-old likes to listen to it (over and over again) on the way to school each morning. Not only have I unconsciously memorized the words, I've actually begun to like the song. It happened around the 13- hundredth time I heard it. By my 14-hundredth listen, I started developing my own background harmonies, and by the 15-hundredth time, I went out and bought the sheet music. This is highly embarrassing stuff (unless you're a preteen), so don't tell anyone. Besides, I'm actually way older than a preteen. I'm more like a "ween." Wait a minute--I don't like the removing unwanted objects sound of that. I am not a ween. Anyway, this chapter shows you how to remove things that ruin otherwise beautiful photos. For example, let's say you get married, and you've got some great photos from your wedding, but then a year or so later, you get divorced. You looked really great in your wedding dress, so you want to keep the photos, but you hate seeing your ex in there. Well, this chapter will show you how to remove him. Well, it doesn't show you exactly that--how to remove your ex from your wedding photos--but it does show you how to remove any annoying thing, so techni- cally you could apply these techniques to your wedding photos. But I gotta tell ya, if you spend your time removing your ex from your wedding photos, perhaps learning new Photoshop tech- niques shouldn't be your biggest concern. Removing Unwanted Objects Chapter 9 239