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Chapter 9. Take Me Away: Removing Unwant... > Removing Backgrounds - Pg. 263

The Photoshop CS2 Book for Digital Photographers Step Eight: During the fix-up stage, I'm painting over dropouts along the man's shoulder. As you see, using the History Brush paints the original image back in. Step Nine: Next, open the photo that you want to use as a background behind your extracted person. It's best to drag this background photo onto your extracted- person document, because as long as you work in the same document where you extracted, you'll have access to the History Brush for your extracted image. That way, if you see a dropout when you bring in the background, you can return to that layer and quickly touch it up with the History Brush. So press V to switch to the Move tool, and drag-and- drop this photo on top of your extracted image. The background will appear on top of your extracted image on a sepa- rate layer (Layer 1) in the Layers palette. ©JUPITERIMAGES Continued Removing Unwanted Objects Chapter 9 263