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Chapter 9. Take Me Away: Removing Unwant... > Cloning Away Unwanted Objects - Pg. 243

The Photoshop CS2 Book for Digital Photographers Step Eight: Now, get the Clone Stamp tool again, sample the sky to the left of your selection, move over to the right inside your selec- tion, and start cloning away the fronds. You can clone right up to the edge of the roof without worry, because you can't paint "outside the lines" thanks to that selection you created in the previous step. Note: The sample point will be outside the selected area, and that's fine--you can sample from anywhere. Step Nine: Keep painting (cloning) until the rest of the palm fronds around the roof are gone. Then, you can deselect by pressing Command-D (PC: Control-D). Now, after all that, I hope you like the image better without the palm, as it took less than five minutes to remove it. If not, just go under the File menu, choose Revert, and that butt-ugly palm will come crashing back into your photo, ruining an otherwise uninspired image. Before After Removing Unwanted Objects Chapter 9 243