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Chapter 4. Super Size Me: Resizing and C... > Resizing and How to Reach Those Hidd... - Pg. 116

The Photoshop CS2 Book for Digital Photographers Resizing and How to Reach Those Hidden Free Transform Handles Step One: For the purpose of this example, create a new document in Photoshop's default size of 7x5". Now open a photo that's larger than your 7x5" document (in other words, open most any photo from your digital camera because it'll be larger than that). The photo shown here is roughly 10x6". What happens if you drag a large photo onto a smaller photo in Photoshop? (This happens all the time, especially if you're collaging or combining two or more photos.) You have to resize the photo using Free Transform, right?Right. But here's the catch: When you bring up Free Transform, at least two--or more likely all four--of the corner handles you need to resize the image are out of reach. You see the image's center point, but not the handles you need to reach to resize. Here's how to get around that hurdle quickly and easily: Step Two: Press V to get the Move tool and click- and-drag this photo on top of your 7x5" document (the photo that you drag appears on its own layer automatically). Since the photo you added was larger than the document you dragged it into, the photo extends off the sides and top quite a bit. So, to make it fit comfort- ably in this new document, you'll need to scale the photo down. 116 Chapter 4 Resizing and Cropping ©SCOTT KELBY