The Photoshop CS2 Book for Digital Photographers Cropping Photos After you've sorted your images in the Adobe Bridge, one of the first editing tasks you'll probably undertake is cropping a photo. There are a number of different ways to crop a photo in Photoshop CS2. We'll start with the basic garden-variety options, and then we'll look at some ways to make the task faster and easier. Step One: Press the letter C to get the Crop tool (you could always select it directly from the Toolbox, but I only recommend doing so if you're charging by the hour). ©SCOTT KELBY Step Two: Click within your photo and drag out a cropping border. The area to be cropped away will appear dimmed (shaded). You don't have to worry about getting your crop border right when you first drag it out, because you can edit the border by clicking-and-dragging the points that appear in each corner and at the center of each side. 88 Chapter 4 Resizing and Cropping