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Chapter 4. Super Size Me: Resizing and Cropping - Pg. 87

Chapter 4 Resizing and Cropping Super Size Me resizing and cropping Now, you're probably thinking, "Scott, do we really need a full chapter on resizing and crop- ping?" Absolutely! Well, we definitely need a chapter on resizing (the different strategies for maintaining image quality when resizing are critical), and the cropping stuff just seemed like a natural fit here (because it's not a natural fit anywhere else). So, I thought I'd put these two great topics together to create a "super-sized" chapter. Okay, that was clearly a lame attempt to draw a connection between the chapter title and the real title of this chapter (which is the subhead beneath it). Actually, I think it works because this chapter is about resizing, and the chapter title is from the award-winning documentary Super Size Me (see the "sizing" connection?), which is about a guy who eats breakfast, lunch, and dinner at a McDonald's fast-food restaurant for like 40-something days until he gets so sick that he finally switches to Wendy's (or something like that). Anyway, back to our story. We know that learning dif- ferent strategies about how and when to resize is important, but do we really need an entire chapter on cropping? No. But we do need at least a third of a chapter (which is about what you'll get, because most of this chapter is about resizing) to learn all the cool cropping things you need to know. Now, when I say "we do need at least a third of a chapter," who is the "we" I'm referring to? Anytime I say "we" in this book, I either mean: (a) me, (b) you and me, or (c) we. I sometimes mean (d) all of the above. Hey, I never said this would be easy. Resizing and Cropping Chapter 4 87