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Chapter 4. Super Size Me: Resizing and C... > Cropping Using the “Rule of Thirds” - Pg. 92

The Photoshop CS2 Book for Digital Photographers Step Three: Go under the View menu, under Show, and choose Grid. When you do this, the nonprinting grid you created in the previous step (the one divided into hori- zontal and vertical thirds) will appear in your image area as a visual representation of the rule-of-thirds grid, which you'll use for visual composition cropping. Step Four: Return to your image document, press V to switch to the Move tool, and click- and-drag your image onto your blank document. Here's where you create a better composition: Using the Move tool, position your image's horizon along one of the horizontal grid lines (here I used the bottom line), and be sure your focal point (the boat, in this case) falls on one of the intersecting points (the bottom-left intersection in this exam- ple). Because your image is larger than the new document, you have plenty of room to position your photo. 92 Chapter 4 Resizing and Cropping