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Chapter 4. Super Size Me: Resizing and C... > Automated Cropping and Straightening - Pg. 123

The Photoshop CS2 Book for Digital Photographers Step Three: No dialog will appear. Instead, Photoshop will look for straight edges in your photos, straighten the photos, and copy each into its own separate window. TIP: If you've scanned a number of photos, but decide you only want certain ones to be cropped and placed into their own separate documents, just put a selection around those photos using any selection tool, and then hold the Option (PC: Alt) key before you choose Crop and Straighten Photos. Step Four: This automation also works on single, crooked images. (Since the one shown here was taken with a digital camera, you're probably wondering how it got so crooked. I rotated it. Don't tell anybody.) Step Five: When you choose Crop and Straighten Photos, Photoshop will crop and straighten this one photo, but it still duplicates the image into a separate document. Hey, it's not perfect. Speaking of not perfect, it seems to work best when the photos you scan as a group have similar tonal qualities. The more varied the colors of the photos are, the harder time it seems to have straighten- ing the images. Resizing and Cropping Chapter 4 123