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Chapter 4. Super Size Me: Resizing and C... > Smart Resizing with Smart Objects - Pg. 115

The Photoshop CS2 Book for Digital Photographers Step Nine: When the Camera Raw dialog appears, you can reprocess the original RAW data. When you click OK, a new image is processed (at the size you want), and your Smart Object layer is updated with this newly reprocessed image. Note: After you've resized a photo, you can see the scaling percentage by looking at the Width and Height in the Options Bar when you have Free Transform active. Step Ten: If your photo is not a RAW image, you can still edit it separately--and have your edits update in your main document-- by double-clicking on the Smart Object layer's thumbnail to open the original (embedded) document in Photoshop so you can make your edits. To have your changes appear in the Smart Object layer, you have to choose Save (from the File menu) when you're done editing the original image. Step Eleven: If you're completely done resizing, and you want to perform some regular edits (like cropping), you'll need to convert your layer from a Smart Object layer into a regular layer (which will reduce your file size considerably, as a full version of your original photo is embedded into your working file), so just go under the Layer menu, under Smart Objects, and choose Convert to Layer. Resizing and Cropping Chapter 4 115