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Chapter 4. Super Size Me: Resizing and C... > Resizing Digital Camera Photos - Pg. 105

The Photoshop CS2 Book for Digital Photographers Step Five: Here's the Image Size dialog for our source photo, and this time I've increased the Resolution setting to 212 ppi for output to a printing press. (Again, you don't need nearly as much resolution as you'd think.) As you can see, the Width of my image is no longer 28"--it's now just over 9". The Height is no longer 42"--now it's just over 14". Step Six: When you click OK, you won't see the image window change at all--it will appear at the exact same size onscreen-- but look at the rulers. You can see that it's now about 9" wide by about 14" high. Resizing using this technique does three big things: (1)It gets your physi- cal dimensions down to size (the photo now fits easily on an 11x17" sheet); (2) it increases the resolution enough so you can output this image on a print- ing press; and (3) you haven't softened, blurred, or pixelated the image in any way--the quality remains the same--all because you turned off Resample Image. Note:Do not turn off Resample Image for images that you scan on a scanner--they start as high-res images in the first place. Turning Resample Image off is only for photos taken with a digital camera. Resizing and Cropping Chapter 4 105