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Chapter 15. Showtime: Showing Your Clien... > Sending a Portfolio Presentation to ... - Pg. 448

The Photoshop CS2 Book for Digital Photographers Sending a Portfolio Presentation to a Client Step One: Open the photos you want to use in your PDF presentation (you actually have the choice of using photos you already have open in Photoshop or choosing a folder, but for this example, we'll start by In Photoshop CS2, there's a feature that takes a folder full of images, creates a slide show (complete with transitions), and compresses it into PDF format so you can email it easily to a client for proofing. This is perfect for showing your portfolio to clients, sending clients proofs of wedding shots or portrait sittings, and any of a dozen other uses, none of which I can happen to think of right at this particular moment, but I'm sure later today, when I'm at the mall or driving to the office, they'll come to me.