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Chapter 15. Showtime: Showing Your Clien... > Creating Your Own Custom Picture Pac... - Pg. 442

The Photoshop CS2 Book for Digital Photographers Creating Your Own Custom Picture Package Layouts Step One: Open a photo (it doesn't matter which one; you're just using it as a placeholder to build your template), and then go under the File menu, under Automate, and choose Picture Package. (Note: You As cool as Picture Package is, I don't think there's a Photoshop user alive who hasn't used it and thought, "This is cool, I just wish there was a layout that had...." In other words, although most of the popular layout choices are already there as presets, the one you really want isn't there, because that's just the way life works. Although technically you could edit the text file that controlled these presets back in Photoshop 7, it was a tricky, tedious task. Not so in Photoshop CS2, thanks to a clever visual layout editor.